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Introduction to Human Design

in 1994, I first encountered Human Design through a reading by the system's founder, Ra Uru Hu. Transmitted visually through a body graph (see my own to the right), I found the related information to be accurate and irresistible. Human Design is a system of fascinating logic and tremendous depth that maps the psychology and energetic patterns of our own unique expression.

I've continued to study Human Design for these subsequent twenty-three years. Human Design is a synthesis of Western astrology, the I Ching, the Hindu chakra system and the Kabbala's tree of life. From this synthesis, the body graph depicts  what is consistent about a particular person throughout their lifetime, how energy expresses itself through them, how they connect to others and how they take in the world.

Human Design includes two views of the individual. The first is called Personality, the part of ourselves we are conscious of, the person we think we are and with whom we identity. The second view is called Design; it is our unconscious and represents genetic inheritance from our mother, father and grandparents. In a sense, Design is our karma, how we are genetically programed to move through time and space.

A Human Design reading is an approximately forty-five to sixty minute recording of your design, which includes various information to help understand ourselves. It shows us our "authority," the place to make the best decisions possible. It shows us our "profile," the costume or role we play in life. It shows us our "incarnation cross," the theme of our "destiny" based on the particular qualities and gifts we were born with. These qualities and many more are conveyed in the reading. Once you have received the reading I can answer questions and further discuss the information you have received. I warmly invite you to receive a Human Design reading or gift one to a loved one.

The diagram to the right is a "body graph" from the Human Design system. Based on the astrology at our time of birth, the body graph depicts the psychological and energetic expressions the make up our personality and the forces that move us in our life.