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I Ching/Human Design Readings

The I Ching is a book of great spiritual beauty and insight. It is an invaluable and uncanny tool for shedding light on the issues and decisions we face. The I Ching points us in the direction of the highest good and to what we will find most satisfying - our authentic purpose. Along with the I Ching, I include "intuitive dialogues," a process in which I receive images that enhance the meaning of each reading. I also look at your Human Design chart (see below) for information that might empower your purpose and shed light on the decision or issue.

I do I Ching/Human Design/intuitive dialogue readings for people in person or over the phone. Readings begin with a conversation in which I listen to the issues that form the basis of your inquiry. From there you "throw the coins" and I study the outcome in preparation for the reading, typically done two days later (or whenever we can mutually schedule it).

I help bring the symbolic images of these readings pragmatically into your life. The council I provide is founded on my experience with the I Ching, Human Design and intuitive guidance, but these are also mutual conversations, a container we create together for insight to occur. Read more...

The cost on an I Ching Reading/Human Design/Intuitive Dialogue is $100 (with a sliding scale; I try not to turn anyone away and/or if you are inspired to offer more: bowing).

Human Design Readings

Along with the traditional I Ching (of which countless new translations have been published in the last decades), there is a “contemporary emergence” of the I Ching as a psychological, biological and even genetic experience (this is why I've titled this website I Ching and the Human Body). One of these, the Human Design system maps the sixty-four hexagrams of the I Ching within our body, as psychological, energetic and biological processes. Human Design brings understanding and empowerment to lead an authentic life.

I first encountered Human Design in 1992 and have continued to study and apply it for these subsequent twenty-four years. My experience has validated its accuracy and benefit as a tool on consciousness. Consulting it in conjuction with the I Ching sheds tremendous light on the life decisions we face. Read more...

For prices please write to me.

To contact Bill and/or schedule an I Ching, Human Design or Intuitive Dialog reading:

To purchase a service, please go to my Paypal acccount and enter the description and amount you are paying. Thank you.

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Painting by Delfina Piretti. studio-delfinapiretti.com

Bill's deeply present, grounded presence it is a gift. He listens with his whole heart and makes you feel really supported. His practical advice about what steps to take were helpful and right on!

        J.S. Boulder, Colorado