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My Background

I've worked as a writer, documentary filmmaker, website designer, university professor (fourteen years at Naropa University), caterer, computer consultant, CPA and house painter. I've done yoga since I was sixteen, meditated since I was twenty-two, married and became a parent at thirty, got a master's degree in creative writing at forty, traveled around the world when I turned fifty, saw my parents through their last years and resumed wandering until I was almost sixty. Through all the changes and challenges the I Ching has been a guide, a friend, a source of wisdom.

I began reading the I Ching when I was sixteen. For many years I understood little it said. In 1990, I met Howard Bad Hand, a Lakota Sioux elder and I Ching master who become my mentor. Howard brought out the “science” of the book, made it less mystifying and more mysteriously useful, accurate, beautiful. My spiritual teacher, Chogyam Trungpa, also used the I Ching - all of his teachings are part of my inspiration.

Since 2000, I've studied the I Ching on a daily basis and done readings for others. Besides the Wilhelm Baynes translation, I consult other volumes of the I Ching.  From Ra Uru Hu (and others) I learned Human Design, a system that maps the sixty-four hexagrams of the I Ching into the human body and which I've studied for twenty-three years. I've studied the Venus Sequence with Alexander Tolken and Richard Rudd. From Damaris Jarboux I learned a form of qigong, seldom taught, whose movements are based on the eight trigrams of the I Ching. The readings and classes I offer are a synthesis of these studies. (See bottom of Home page for comments on my work.)

~ Bill Scheffel

Bill has a rare gift. His readings have a simple and direct quality which I find always penetrate to the truth. I highly recommend Bill with his unique blend of wisdom tools.

E.M. Boulder, Colorado

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